Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zorg Fix Pro - Health Job Matching

Nurses to Holland (general and specialized)

Who they are

In a world with increasingly difficult to find professionals in the provision of care, ZORG FIX PRO distinguishes itself as a professional organization that mobilizes the right time and with the appropriate profile, acting as an intermediary between two parties, organizations and employees.
At the present the demand for professional care is very high in the Netherlands, the allocation and flexibility in this area are a very common practice in this country. The purpose of ZORG FIX PRO is to hire more professionals to provide care andallocate them according to the posting.


  • Respect customers
The customer is always first: a personal relationship focus, listen and respond to the concerns and needs, always offering a humanized service, founded on high standards of ethical behavior, politeness and respect for others.
We must be ever vigilant, understand their needs and satisfy them. "By choosingus, the customer becomes the head of the company."

  • Respect our employees
In our organization we create an environment that enables people to develop their skills, their creativity and motivation to benefit our customers.


  • Deserve the natural preference of customers as a reference in quality of serviceswe provide.

  • Provide well-being through a high quality service, in accordance with best practice in providing health care getting the confidence and commitment of our customers, employees and partners.

More Information: http://www.zorgfixpro.com/empresa_en.html

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