Monday, May 28, 2012

Angiogenesis Unit of the Institute of Molecular Medicine

Recipients: Doctorates in the biomedical and microbiology
Company / Institution: Angiogenesis Unit of the Institute of Molecular Medicine

Function: post-doctoral fellowship

Applications: 8.jun.2012

Researcher who wants to call for a post-doctoral fellowship (FCT call: closing at June 28)


Very recently we found that low doses of ionizing radiation (IR) promote tumor growth and metastasis by enhancing angiogenesis (1). Our work was focused, in an innovative way, in the vasculature that surrounds the tumor and receives relatively low doses of IR during treatment. We demonstrated that low-dose IR accelerates embryonic angiogenic sprouting during zebrafish development and promotes adult angiogenesis during zebrafish fin regeneration (1). Therefore, according to our findings lowdose IR induces angiogenesis in vivo but, there is no evidence that it enhances neovascularization in ischemic disease, our overall objective through this proposal.

If you are interested please contact Susana Constantino until June 8th
Susana Constantino
E-mail: sconstantino@fm.ul.pt
Unidade de Angiogénese
Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Av. Prof. Egas Moniz
1649-028 Lisboa - Portugal

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