Thursday, March 15, 2012

WS Energia - Gestão/Economia

WS Energia

Destinatários: FEG - estudantes de 2º ciclo

Empresa / Instituição: WS Energia

Função: International Sales Technician

Candidatura: 23.mar.2012



WS Energia is a company that develops and commercializes photovoltaic solutions.

The company outperformed national competitors with a strong international strategy.

Within the international strategy, WS Energia SA is recruiting a professional to integrate the international sales team under the IEFP professional internships.


The candidate will mainly be responsible for the contact and management of clients, implementing new business strategies and communication channels, and managing efficiently information.


Bachelor or higher graduation, preferably in international business, marketing, international relations or management.


Precision in execution of plans, processes, and strategies

Fast response, lean thinking and work capacity

Excellent capacity in proposing new concepts with a clear execution plans

Precision in reporting and achieving the objectives in due time

Team player with initiative and pro-activity

Advance informatics knowledge: Excel, Word, CRM (Salesforce)

Italian and English languages are mandatory (at least B2 level spoken and written)

Work Conditions

9 months contract with 2 months of intensive training

Salary is adjusted to experience and bonuses to results



WS Energia S.A.

Taguspark, Tecnologia II, Pav.46; 2740 – 257 Porto Salvo

Phone: (+351) 214 212 190


Contact for Submit Applications

Maria Ferreira: cv@ws-energia.com

Please submit your applications until 23th of March 2012

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