Thursday, March 15, 2012

London Olympics 2012


With 14 million meals, 40 locations and 24-hour availability, catering doesn’t
get much bigger than this. This area includes profiles such as Chefs, Commis
Chefs, Sous Chefs, Kitchen Assistants / Porters, Bar and Waiting Staff, Food
Service Assistants, Coffee Shop Assistants and Customer Service Staff.
Aramark is one of the contractors recruiting for this area:


Cleaning and waste staff make sure visitors have a good experience and
athletes can focus on gold. There will be opportunities for Cleaning
Operatives and some Cleaning Supervisors.
Cleanevent is one of the contractors recruiting. Further info on:


Ensure that over 9 million spectators from around the world have a safe
and enjoyable visit to the Games at all of the competition venues.
Safety Stewards will be helping in such tasks as queue management,
ushering, way-finding, monitoring access to key parts of our venues along
with responding incidents and protecting the field of play. There will also
be voluntary staff working in this type of tasks.
Group 4 Security is one of the companies, among others, recruiting for this segment: http://eventsjobsuk.g4s.com/.


As a Sales Assistant, you will be supposed to sell the great array of
London 2012 merchandising products in a fast-paced environment.
Items ranging from pin badges to fine jewelry and toys to kitchen linen
will be on sale in dedicated London 2012 megastores located on the
Olympic Park. Merchandise will also be available at stores across
London, as well as in shops in competition venues in London and
across the UK.
One of the companies recruiting for this segment is Manpower. Further info in:


As a Security Officer, you will play a vital role in ensuring everyone
visiting, competing in or working at the Games can celebrate safely.
The Security operation at the London 2012 will have a very high profile.
In order to apply, you must have a 5-year checkable history and proven
experience in similar tasks.
The only contractor recruiting in this segment is Group 4 Security.
Further info in: http://www.eventsjobsuk.g4s.com/london2012jobs

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