Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Engineering - Belgium is recruting

Recipients: Graduates in Engineering

Company / Institution: IEFP / EURES

Function: Engineers for Belgium

Applications: Send CV in English or French to Eures@vdab.be

More Info:

A salary of two thousand euro clean, early-stage, rapid progression and wage conditions are offered.

Belgium seeks Portuguese to occupy about eight thousand jobs available for engineers and science and technology (S & T) that's flamenco companies in the region. "Just to engineers about three thousand jobs, but if we bring together professionals in the field of Science and Technology, the waves arrive at eight thousand," said Gert de Buck, responsible for recruiting international employment agency of the Flemish community in Belgium , the Economic Daily. Mastering English is enough to apply for many jobs, but then you may want to learn Flemish."In many companies dals Research and Development (R & D), English is the common language," explains Ludo Froyen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Catholic University of Leuven. And there are many examples. "There is a company, IMICOR, which has an R & D with over 300 engineers of various nationalities and they all speak English and all reports are made in English. Today companies do not care about the nationality of the workers, but with the quality, "he adds. In terms of income you can count on a "clean wage from 1800 to 2000 euros in early career, more extras, car, mobile phone and computer," says Ludo Froyen. But if you can win more rapidly, because the engineering profession in Belgium guarantees "a salary progression much faster" than other areas.

Why is having difficulty in filling vacancies in the sector of engineering and technology, Belgium has decided to start hiring in countries where there are unemployed graduates in these areas as Portugal, Spain and Greece. To apply for these posts can send your resume in English or French to Eures@vdab.be. Or directly contact the dozens of companies that come to Portugal to participate in the Job Fair to be held for engineers in the next 10 and 11 May in the offices of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL). The initiative, organized by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, Portugal will bring dozens of companies seeking engineers also from Norway, Sweden, UK and Denmark.

"It's the first time that this initiative takes place, but if successful will be repeated", underlines the responsible for recruiting international institute of the Belgian employment. This is because the country needs 30% more engineers. The lack of professionals in these areas is causing the relocation of businesses. "There is a Belgian company that recently went to China because they could not find enough engineers in the country," said the responsible Faculty of Engineering, University of Leuven. The unemployment rate in this area is 4%, well below the national average which stands at 10%. Also in Germany there is a shortage of engineers.

Often the difficulty is knowing where to find the places available in these countries.Apart from the jobs that you can find in Eures, there are chances of employment in the portal of the Association of European Students of Technology (Best) in best.eu.org.

Portuguese engineers with door open to international markets
Apesas to be an area with high employability, the effects of the crisis are already starting to feel in Portugal. "There are already cases of unemployment and under-employment with lower wages, because of the sudden stop of construction activity and with businesses closing," notes Peter Lourtie, a professor at the Higher Technical Institute, which coordinates the report "Attracting students to science , technology and engineering "Attract the project.

This project was created by eight of the best European schools to attract more students into engineering and technology. Entering a degree in engineering or technology is opening the doors to an international career. "When there is no employment in Portugal, there are always chances abroad."

Being an engineer is a global profession that "opens the possibility to work around the world," says Mats Hanson of KTH in Sweden. Especially because "English is the official language of engineers," he stresses.

A salary clean two thousand euros plus car, phone and computer. These are the conditions offered to a graduate in engineering in Belgium in early career. And the salary progression is very fast, ensures Ludo Froyen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Leuven. This school wants to increase by about 30% students in their courses and students are invited to attend the Portuguese 2nd cycle. If they come IST enter without any limitation. Already, some 25% of foreign students this level of education, but would like more. The tuition fee is 600 euros per year, lower than that charged in Portugal. Most students get jobs even before completing the course.

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