Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grupo Andrade Gutierrez

All graduate
Company / Institution: Grupo Andrade Gutierrez,
Function: International Trainee Program Andrade Gutierrez 2013 - Engineering and Construction sectors, Energy, Telecommunications, Logistics Health, Investment and Business Development

Why you should join AG Training Programme?
By Alejandro Fabian Ratto Cesena, Trainee gives AG

In July of 2011 I was looking for the best opportunities to enroll in existing programs, and so met the Trainee Program of Andrade Gutierrez. We are looking for a worthwhile opportunity to change jobs. And it was ...

Business background, ability to know cultures, people and ways work around the world, a return above the market average for recent graduates; they were certainly things that made noise in my head.

It seems I'm doing an advertising program, but the truth is that's what I found after being selected: culture, people, business, social responsibility, new experiences, and more. Today, being temporarily in Venezuela to meet the company's operations in this country, I can affirm to be Trainee AG is a huge challenge to personal and professional level, and if you have you should try to exploit potential in this company.

Because there is always room for new talent. For those who is looking for a change. Because you want your performance is recognized and rewarded. Because you want to be heard. Because I want to meet new people with valuable experience in business. Because you want to be a part of one of the largest infrastructure in Latin America. Because they want to help us not be content with just that and become the largest and best group of world's infrastructure. Look if there are valid reasons for an upcoming Trainees AG.

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